It’s time to play the music… it’s time to light the lights..

Now, do these people have too much time on their hands, or am I just bored on a Saturday night? You decide…

And last, but by no means least, the best bit of Muppet footage I could find on YouTube (what with being genuine, and everything…)

(and yeah, if you didn’t know already, I have something of an affection for the Jim Henson company….) 

I’ll protect you from the world, and the voices in your head…

OK, now I see why so many eBay sellers are crabby types. It’s a ton of work, and a barrage of questions, a lot of which you explicitly answer in the auction description itself. I should comment, however, that I did feel bad having to quote shipping prices for 23 Megadrive games to France; if the buyer wanted them quickly, it’d cost him more than $130 to get them shipped there!

Anyway, more classic console genres are going under the hammer today (and there’s STILL MORE to come.) It’s going to be nice having room to swing the kids cats around, and hopefully it’ll happen with not too much seller’s remorse…

17 SNES Games: DBZ, F-Zero, Pilotwings, Raiden & more!

Sega Master System and 37 Games!

A strange point of provenance, brought up in the Master System Auction, is that the Master System I’m putting in there, while rather worn, was once owned by a former editor of GameSpot AU, Ed Dawson. Which means it’s been owned by two-ex GameSpot editors. That’s practically gaming crown jewels, right there 🙂

Quand l’amour n’est plus là que te reste-t-il, pour survivre ici bas?

In-between selling off my preciouses on eBay, I also write stuff, such as this story at the newly relaunched and spiffy looking

ABC’s online TV channels unveiled: “The ABC’s fullscreen VOD service has gone into beta, and we’ve given it the once over. It was tough work…”

Everything must go!

The ker-azy eBay bargains continue. Might as well pimp them here as anywhere else…

 14 N64 Games: Perfect Dark, Doom, Banjo Kazooie, Star Wars and More

This might surprise a few people…

But I’m selling off a large proportion of my games collection. Not to feed a drugs habit, or get the Mafia off my back, or anything else, but simply for the reason that I need the space, what with three kids, three cats and a home office to run.

First on the chopping block (this is going to take some time, folks) is an instant Megadrive games collection. 83 of the suckers in total, split across four auctions. Remember, bid early, bid often!

20 Megadrive Games:PS IV, Cadash, Cricket, Sonic & More
20 Sega Megadrive Games: Lemmings, NBA, Sonic, More
20 Boxed Sega Megadrive Games: Sonic, Road Rash 3, more

23 Megadrive Games:NBA Jam, Shining Force, Ecco & More

Better homes and deafened neighbours…

If you’ve ever watched any of the endless parade of home improvement programs that clog up the airwaves these days, you’ve probably been struck by how everything seems to happen effortlessly; the hosts are never tired or sweaty, nobody drops a hammer on their toes, and nobody — and I mean nobody — swears at that screw that somehow falls off the roof and into the bushes never to be seen again. You know the screw I mean. The last screw you needed. Also the last screw you had.

You’ve also probably thought that it isn’t all that easy. And this week, I’ve had something of an object lesson in this, as about four houses up is being extensively done over, and filmed for the idiot’s lantern to boot. But this is no five-seconds and it’s all magically transformed by the sparkly buxom host number. The truth, as it transpires, involves about fifty tradespeople, although I could be underestimating there a tad.

Normally, I reckon you could lie down in the middle of our street for about twenty hours in each day and not get hit. Not for the last three days, however…

Cars. Thousands of ‘em..

Our road is curved, so without a helicopter, I couldn’t capture them all, but every single one of those cars is either a tradesperson (which might go some way to explaining why you can never actually get them to turn up — they’re all too busy trying to become the next Jamie Durie) or a cameraperson. Possibly both.

Our house, in the middle of our street…

There’s part of me that wonders if something unusual wasn’t done as a behind the scenes deal, to boot. The house itself had been on the market for absolutely AGES — not uncommon in the Sydney property market outside apartments — and then was snapped up about six months ago. Six months isn’t much time to get an application into a program, have it accepted and plan everything out.

We’re filming something in the backyard. Ahem…

Speaking of dodgy dealing and with this not-great photo of one of the camera guys — blame my lack of a good zoom lens, in case anyone cares (*tumbleweeds*) — while I was taking these snaps, one of my neighbours came up and asked me if I was part of the camera crew. When I told him I wasn’t, we got chatting, and he revealed that they’d shot some footage from his place of the rather spectacular valley view that houses on his side of the street enjoy. Presumably to use as the view from this property, which it most certainly isn’t….

Tree being lopped. What, you expected a funny alt tag?

And as if to retaliate, the people down the street — and directly across the road from my place, which is part of why I’m typing this rather than getting on with paid work right now — are having a tree lopped down. Poor Ents. Nobody gives them any love.

Now with free advertising!

(Well, probably not free, actually. Free to you, anyway.)

Macworld April 08. Beware the Pizza Gremlins... The April Issue of Australian Macworld Magazine just went ker-thunk into my letterbox — my postman has a wicked right arm on him, you see — which means it’s probably a very good guess that it’s available in stores right this instant. Or very soon. Almost certainly by the time you’ve made your way down to the shops to buy one, if you’re not subscribing already. And if not, why not?

In any case, this month’s opinion column covers one of those things that I went to University to study. Aside from the curvy bits of my wife, that is. Or what living on a $10 a week food budget was like. Or how much fun scurvy isn’t, what with the $10 food budget and all. In any case, those factors are now part of what I went to University to study, namely history, and that’s the main thrust of this month’s opinion column. Along the way I declare my love for Public Libraries, and as part of that, most likely get myself written out of at least one family will. I’m not having a good run with family politics at the moment… but that’s a story for another time.

Oh, and there’s also an ad for some grotty Pizza chain or another at the bottom of the column. Not my idea, and not even my preferred brand of Pizza, for what that’s worth, although the geek/fast-food connection isn’t a huge stretch… unless you’re on that aforementioned $10 food budget, which really doesn’t stretch to grease..

Then he got himself a job at a tater tot farm…

Enough with the sluggishness! Time to start churning out stories, methinks.

Oh, look. Here’s two, live today at the spiffy new-look PC Authority Web site:

Mystery Eee PC Rival On The Way: The latest pretender to the throne comes from Emtec, who will be distributing the French-developed Gdium (like Sodium with less sod and more “Gee”, presumably) PC in June…”

Mac Authority: Apple barely squeaks by: Something that Microsoft doesn’t just do as well as Apple at – it arguably wipes the floor with them. And I’m not talking about Steve Ballmer running around naked in big piles of money…”

Feeling sluggish?

Well, I was today. Stuff still got done, but in a lethargic kind of way. So it’s rather appropriate that when I headed out to put out the garbage later in the day, I found this little chap making his way down the side of the wheely bin….

Funky Slug

Tiger-Spotted Slug. Without the teeth, or the fur, for that matter…

He’s rushing towards me… very, very slowly. I only have hours to get away!

The one in which I give away a Puppy…

The Weekend Edition of the Australian Macworld Weekend Edition Podcast has just gone live. Thankfully, because it’s a long weekend, what with Easter and all, it still “counts” as a Weekend Podcast. Plus, there’s an exceptionally good reason why it’s been delayed; the ever-hairy, brain-the-size-of-a-planet (but not depressed) Matthew Powell was busy becoming a Daddy right in the middle of the editing schedule. Congratulations are of course due to Matthew, Robyn, Gwen (although her role was presumably minimal) and new bub Lily 🙂

Anyway, as per the subject line, in this week’s podcast, I do offer to give away a Puppy. You’ll have to listen to the whole thing, though to work out where. I should point out that for technical reasons that elude me, my microphone clips a LOT during this podcast. Anyway, you can subscribe to the Podcast through iTunes, or listen to it (or download it) from here.