Month: November 2007

Way back when I was just a little bitty boy living in a box under the stairs in the corner of the basement of the house half a block down the street from Jerry's Bait shop…

You know the place.. More adventures in publishing today, both in the online and print spheres. Why are they spheres, anyway? I don’t think I’ve ever read a perfectly rotund magazine… but I guess they are technically circulars. *tumbleweeds blow by* Thanks, folks. I’ll be here all week. Judge ye not the Salmon. If you’re […]

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You're looking at Planet Earth, Bop bop bop, bop bop bop bop…

That Simon Le Bon. A true lyrical genius, on a level with Vanilla Ice. Still have plenty of tales of the road to write up. If only I wasn’t so darned busy just writing. A conundrum, no? Still, it pays the bills, or so they tell me. One of the perils of being a freelancer […]

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There is no stopping them. The Ants will soon be here…

Many, many things to write about — from Robotic Grannies to infants with lung infections to the bizarre sight of the rain on the plain falling mainly… in Hay. We didn’t see any residents in Hay, possibly because they were hiding in terror from the strange water falling freely from the sky… In the meantime […]

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