So, what did you do with your morning?

Some of you undoubtedly went into work — and some of you went back to work, and the prospect of teaching. Others went off to code databases, study law or just maintain networks somewhere. There may have even been some random writing of articles going on, although I wouldn’t know anything about that.

What did I spend my morning doing, I hear you ask?

(You’re not mad if you hear voices where there are none, are you?)

I’m glad you asked. I spent my morning making a Space Invader out of Duplo Blocks. Here he is, in all his glory:


Yes, I know. It’s not totally accurate, but then Duplo is a rather crude medium to be working in.

I did, however, forget the prime rule of creating things. You see, objects take on the properties of that which they are made into — make up a ball, and it’ll roll, and so on. So, if one makes a Space Invader, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that it starts… well… invading.

Thankfully, the Earth was saved by a small belligerent toddler, who quickly saw the alien menace off by smashing it into the table.

Best program name ever…

I’ll let my tiny audience decide on this one, but my personal opinion, as of the now, is that this is the single best name for an application ever.

Now that's a whole lotta syllables...

A La Peanut Butter Sandwiches!

Time for a family update, methinks — this isn’t just meant to cover my professional life, after all. After all, there’s an important anniversary coming up…

Y’see, a little under a year ago — February 7th, to be precise — I took over fulltime care of my two children for the first time. Scary stuff, let me tell you. Let’s take stock, shall we?

In just under a year:

* Approximately 500 stories have been told, with a strong propensity towards stories featuring Muppets, Puppies or Bananas.
* I’ve prepared roughly 300 meals, some of which were even edible
* Roughly 3,000,000 gallons of bath water have been splashed all over me during bath time. Oh, wait, it just feels like that
* I’ve only shouted about ten times. That’s per half-hour over the last year, mind you.

A quick stocktake seems appropriate as well:

At 7/2/05

Number of Daddies: 1
Number of Mummies: 1
Number of toddlers: 1
Number of babies: 1

At 27/01/06

Number of Daddies: 1
Number of Mummies: 1
Number of “Big Girls”: 1
Number of toddlers: 1
Number of babies: 0.33

That’s superb capital growth. Why, at this rate, by the year 2525, Kidmans will make up roughly 792% of the world’s population!*

Kidman Junior, staring at its feet. Well, it's not like you can go down the shops in the womb, now is it.. hey! Untapped market!
That also seems like the perfect segue into the latest scan of Kidman Junior. Taken last week as part of a nuchal translucency, they show the latest addition to the clan staring at one of its own feet. There’s a jawline, some nasal features, and we’re assured it has a brain. No idea where it got that one, really.

Current week count is 13 weeks (as of tomorrow); if we can make it through another 22 weeks without problems it’ll beat the records of its older brother and sister — but that seems like such a long time ago.

*Allowing for slight statistical error, and the possibility that I might be making it all up.

Alex 1: World 0

To think, that all those years of gameplay were actually preparing me to be a great parent!

And to all the naysayers out there who thought I was wasting my time in front of a joypad: In your face, world!

TV go foom…

Dangit, the TV just exploded. Anyone got a cheap (and good) LCD panel they’d like to send my way?

(Yes, I know, as an experienced consumer IT journo, technically I should know the answer to that question (in most civilised cases, it’s “No, you bloody scrounger”), but this is THE INTERNET, and stupid begging appeals often work. See MillionDollarHomepage, or SaveToby for examples).

Welease Wodewick!

Another day, another coupla reviews, courtesy of the fine folks at

Lacie Wugged (sorry, Rugged) All-Terrain Hard Dwive (80GB): “In most ordinary circumstances, you can equate hard disk design with the word “dull”…”

And then, there’s this. I wrote it, apparently. I never knew that I could write in Korean.

Some days

Some days I feel great. Other days, I feel like this. But no matter what I feel like, the tides of the press keep rolling on…

For a start, the latest issue of Netguide magazine is available right now — I should know, the editor handed me a copy only yesterday. Netguide MagazineInside you’ll find my reviews of the video iPod, Motorola V1050, MS Wireless Laser Desktop, Winzip 10, Photoshop Elements 4, Premiere Elements 2, Family Tree Maker 2006, Firefox 1.5, APC Biopod and the D-Link DGL-4300 gaming router, along with games reviews covering everything that shoots — for this month, at least. No sign of the retro games guide or the in-car technology feature, but I’m assured they’ll run next month.

(Obligatory Rocky quote: “But that trick never works!”)

Then on the web front, has another review to add to the ever-lengthening pile:

Asus S-presso: “Imagine, if you will, a Nintendo Gamecube. Now, imagine that Gamecube given a serious shot of steroids that warp and rend its essentially cuboid structure, all the while adding a touch-sensitive front panel…”

And to finish off, the first review I’ve written for 3DAvenue for a while has popped up:

X-Men Legends II: Rise Of Apocalypse (PSP): “X-Men Legends II: Rise Of Apocalypse is fairly much a direct port of Activision’s console sequel”

Big things

It’s universally held that big things are better than little things. “Size Does Matter”, and all that — thinking naturally of the advertising tag line for Godzilla. Stop thinking what you’re thinking — you’ll go blind.

Anyway, has two of my reviews of very big things up right now, for your reading pleasure:

Legend Digital 30″ LCD TV: Sure, it’s a bit excessive to have a 30″ widescreen monitor — but it’s also a lot of fun.

Fujitsu Deskpower TX: “Fujitsu’s Deskpower TX contains one simple design idea that’s so brilliant we wonder why it hasn’t been done before…”

It would be remiss of me…

Not to note and celebrate my elder brother’s birthday today.


Then again, I’m at home, sick, with two kids, and he’s in Vegas, probably firmly ensconced in a mountain of dodgy consumer electronics and even more dodgy silicon cleavages. He’s no doubt celebrating enough for both of us.

(It would be doubly remiss of me not to mention that it’s also my nephew Charlie’s birthday. That one I did forget. Oops. It’s a good job I have a beautiful and talented wife, eh readers?)

I am legend

Well, actually, I’m not.

But my review of the Legend Digital LPVR160 Personal Video Recorder has the word Legend in it, which makes me an official Legend, by association, or marriage, or something. A Legend-In-Law, if you will.

Oh, very well. I’m just ordinary.