You go away for a week and a half, and look what happens…

Whew… I just drove in, having done some 4,000 odd kilometres over the last week and a half. Wish I’d remembered the car…

(b’doom tish)

Trip report later, but in the meantime, the tide of the presses knows no satiety.

First up, has a couple of my reviews up:

Sony Bravia KLV-S40A10 LCD television:: Sony’s mid-tier SKLV-S40A10 LCD TV packs some impressive specs, but there’s only a small price gap between it and Sony’s best LCD model…

Acer Aspire 9504: There are desktop replacements that are designed to replace the traditional desktop PC. Then there are desktop replacements that are designed to replace your entire desk by sheer volume alone…

And 3DAvenue has my review of the truly superlative — but possibly banned, even by the time you read this — The Warriors: While you’re still clearly the centre of any fight you’re in, all around you street toughs are punching, kicking, beating and burning each other in a remarkably lifelike way….

(it should be noted that I didn’t write the rather fugly blurb that 3DAvenue’s using for the story on the front page right now…)

There’s three ways to do things…

To borrow shamelessly from The Simpsons

“There’s the right way, the wrong way, and the…”

The Kidman Way

I’m tired…

So, very, very tired…

But late nights watching the soccer at Church will do that to a lad. Thirty people in one room — 29 barracking for Australia, and one sole Uruguayan. Makes a difference when he’s the minister, though.

Not what you could call a “good” match — and I hate any match decided on penalties as a matter of course — but quite an entertaining spectacle. Both sides were more than a touch brutal, and more than a few Oscars should be handed out. At one point, one Uruguayan player took a tumble, groaned with pain (as you do), and then tried a sneeky peek out of his hand to check if the ref was watching. He was — and so was the camera.

I’ve got to admit, the Uruguayan #2 was entertaining — if not for his remarkable resemblance to Ricky Martin, then for his ability to get away with a diving headbutt on the Australian goalie. Like I said — not a quality match, but quite entertaining to watch.

I may be shot for this comment, (and I’d love to be wrong), but look for Australia to go down in screaming flames in Germany next year, especially if we have to play against a country that actually cares about soccer. We might start caring, but I wouldn’t put money on it.

You can’t trust those Mutants…

3D has published my review of the rather spiffy X-Men Legends 2: Rise Of Apocalypse: “The real fun in the game comes from being able to cheer, jeer and share beer with people who are physically next to you while you plough through hordes of bad guys…

The latest issue of GamePro (which must be out, as they’ve sent me a copy) features a rather glum looking Yoda on the cover. Despair not, however, as my review of The Movies lies within. You know what to do — and while you’re down at the newsagent buying several copies, pick up PC User and Netguide. Aside from having scads of my content in them, this month’s PC User also has the horribly addictive Rollercoaster Tycoon on the cover disk…


The world’s foremost authority on wasps is walking down the street when he
sees a LP record in the window of a charity shop: “Wasp noises from around
the world”. Intrigued, he goes into the shop and asks if he can listen to it.

“Certainly,” says the shop assistant and pops it onto his turntable. After
listening to the first track for a while, the world’s foremost authority
on wasps is a bit confused.

“I don’t recognise any of these noises, and I’m the world’s foremost
authority on wasps! Can you play the next track please?”

The assistant obliges and skips the needle onto the next track. After a
while, the world’s foremost authority on wasps is still confused.
“No, I still don’t recognise any of these wasps. Can you try the next

The assistant skips the needle on, and the world’s foremost authority on
wasps listens for a little while longer before shaking his head.
“It’s no good. I just don’t recognise any of these wasps”

The assistant peers at the label of the record and says “Oh, I’m terribly
sorry. I had it on the bee side.”

As a rule, I don’t write that much news content…

But, as they say, rules were made to be broken.

ZDNet Australia has my piece on the draft guidelines for mobile chat room operators released today by the ACMA, the first bit of pure news writing I’ve done for quite some time. Always nice to flex some different writing muscles.

I like coffee. I like beer.

I most assuredly don’t like the idea of this:


A drink somewhere between coffee and beer could soon be on the menu. Nestec, part of the Nestlé empire in Switzerland, has filed patents in every major market round the world on a “fermented coffee beverage” that pours and foams like beer, but smells of strong coffee and packs a concentrated caffeine kick.

The beverage is made in a similar way to beer, but fine-tuned temperature control stops the formation of ethyl alcohol. So the new drink could go down well with people who want a long tall pick-me-up while driving.

Nestlé admits it was tricky to preserve the characteristic coffee smell in the production process. Coffee beans are roasted normally, and the chemicals containing the natural aroma collected in a cryogenic condenser, before being converted into coffee oil. The remains of the roast are then ground to powder, mixed with yeast and sucrose, and fermented for 4 hours at just below 22°C. At this temperature the yeast can still metabolise but does not generate alcohol.

The aroma oil is then mixed in with the liquid and nitrogen is injected to make it foam. Adding a touch of extra sugar also helps trap the aroma until the drink is poured, Nestlé claim.

(heartlessly pinched from New Scientist, although I spotted it in a games forum, strange creature that I am)

Dead man walking… has one of my PSP reviews up, specifically my review of Medievil for PSP: “On the other hand, the original PSOne title, while lacking the cut scenes, tepid minigames and superlative Tom Baker, goes for around ten bucks on eBay…”

Meanwhile, I’m busy working out how best I can help my best mate, whose home is threatening to fall into a very big hole. Life — it’s never simple, is it?

They publish him here, they publish him there…

They publish that dastardly Kidman everywhere..

Specifically: has three more of my articles up today:

D-Link DGL-4300 Wireless 108G Gaming Router:
“… it’s not often that you can use the word “easy” and “networking” in the same sentence, especially if you add “wireless” to the mix.”

Ricoh Caplio R3: “If you’ve ever laid awake at night wondering whatever happened to those leather patches that adorned university lecturer’s jacket elbows in the 1970’s, then you probably need serious help.”

NetComm V300:
“If we were feeling uncharitable, we might even be drawn to say that it’s got a design that only its mother could love…”

And in case you think that CNET’s the only place I ever get published, I feel I should point out that I’m in at least two magazines either out today or by the end of the week. It’s just a little harder to link to stuff that’s not online is all. PC User went to print today, and should feature my reviews of Coolect and Omnipage 15, while GamePro Australia (on sale this week — Friday I think) features my possibly-world’s-first-but-at-least-very-early review of Lionhead’s The Movies. Rush out, buy a copy of both. Buy many copies. Tell the guy at the Newsagent that I told you to, and you’ll get a free quizzical look.