This terrible pain in all the diodes down my left hand side…

On the one hand: There’s some great things about being a parent. Like when your kids look up at you, smile, and spontaneously hug you, just because they love you.

On the other hand: There’s some hard things about being a parent. Like last night, when our two eldest children had alternating nightmares until 3am. Which left me with about three hours sleep, total.

Still, I think the good easily outweighs the bad…Pygmy Hippo Chews Grass

On the one hand: There’s some great things about being a freelance journalist. Like being able to take the day off (as I did today) and take the kids to Taronga Zoo for six hours. Perhaps not the brightest move after three hours sleep, but the kids had fun, and I got to watch a Pygmy Hippo chew grass. I like Hippos, in case you hadn’t noticed.

On the other hand: The work still has to be done, and editors don’t accept waffle about Pygmy Hippos in the excuse column. Consequently, I’m sitting here quite late at night, frantically catching up on work, and still not sleeping…

This is a tougher one to judge. I wonder at what point sleep deprivation induces hallucinations that write the features for you?