Charlie don’t Smurf…

I thought that the Hip-Hop Smurf that K-Mart sells was pretty poor, and an indication that perhaps things had gone too far.

I thought that the Pimp Smurf that my wife purchased for me was kind of funny, but still not in the spirit of the Smurfs.

Even I would never have advocated bombing the poor little beggars , though.

That’s just… disturbing. On all sorts of levels. And this is from someone who gleefully used to play Smurf Hunt, an Amiga game that put you in the role of a shotgun-equipped wolf loose in the Smurf village.

Right.. first things first, then…

I guess I should re-load all the stuff from my LiveJournal, then. And then work out the page design stuff. And somehow catch up on all the sleep I didn’t have last night.

On the plus side: Orange Juice is good. Can’t argue with Orange Juice. Well, there’s no point, really — it just sits there, looking Orange.