It’s been brought to my attention that I’m not posting enough Hippo-related articles on this blog. Probably not enough parenting ones either, but the Hippo fans are speaking up more vociferously. So what bits of interesting Hippo news can I dredge up?

Gambia promises quick resolution of hippo assault doesn’t sound nice, but it does have a great Hippo picture — it’s the one to the right here.

Then things get weird, with, well… this:

Hippo killed in S.Africa apartment complex.

I’m guessing it couldn’t pay the rent. It seems unlikely that anyone sane would engage a Hippo in an argument over excessive noise at parties or somesuch.

Hang on, though. How did it get into the lift?

Sadly, Google news — the resource of choice when I’m too lazy to do any indepth research on Hippos — runs a little dry after that. I’m not quite willing to click on a link ostensibly about Hippos entitled “Burgers For Memorial Day”. I’m not sure I’d like what I’d find.

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