The Full Monty: Episode Three: Another Brick In The Wall

Also another brick in Monty’s poor, aching cranium.

Monty delves further into the depths. Or would do, were it not for all the things trying to repeatedly kill him.

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You Start Me Up

At last — something that I’m pretty confident that I’d be better at than Mick Jagger:

In fact, I’ll go one better than that. I’m sure I’m better at Pinball than Mick Jagger. Utterly confident.

And that calls for the laying down of bets. On the  highly, hugely impossible likelihood that one of Jagger’s media monitoring representatives is reading this, I’m laying down the challenge, Micky-boy.

You vs Me.

Mano a Mano.

Three silver balls, highest score wins. You bring the machine (you’ve clearly already got one,after all).

Unless, that is, sad to say, that after all this time, the truth is that you simply don’t have the Stones?

How to become a world champion (the easy way)

Conventional wisdom says that World Champions are men and women of grit. Words like “perseverance” and “determination” get bandied about. Newspaper articles talk about the long, lonely hours of training, the sacrifices made and the hideous cost paid to be the best in the world at your chosen field.

Rubbish. Sure, you can do that, but it doesn’t have to be that way. I became a World Champion yesterday, almost by accident.

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Now for an ad break..

I’ve resisted putting advertising on this site.. so far. Not sure that I’d make a fortune (although if anyone I trust cares to educate me otherwise, I’m all ears). Advertising usually brings compromises with it, including the types of ads that will run.

Then via a Twitter discussion this morning, I was reminded of the type of ads I would happily run. Sadly, they don’t make them any more…

Have I got a bargain for you….

Astonishingly, the cheapest and most expensive games I’ve ever owned — and I’ve owned a lot of games — both arrived at my home within the last week. For the record (only a few people will get this), I’ve paid my own money for both of them; they weren’t industry “freebies”. Such expense — and lack thereof — deserves a review, but this isn’t the kind of stuff I can particularly sell to my regular outlets. So, instead, I’ll pass the savings on to you, and review them right here!

First up, let’s start with the scraping the bottom of the barrel end of the equation, shall we?

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Vintage tech and strange Italian stalkers

A weird week so far. On the one hand, I’ve extolled the beauty of 1980s technology in a new column for PC Authority:

Vintage tech: Looking back at the Commodore 64: “Just look at it. Is that not a thing of design beauty? Well, OK, no, not much.It’s brown and… brown. Or in some later revisions, more grey and… grey.”

And at the same time, a random vanity name search led me to discover the oddly named, somewhat gothic and slightly Italian fan group


all in caps for the emphasis, naturally. Makes a lot of sense to me. I mean, who wouldn’t love Alex Kidman?

People who were emphatically wrong, that’s who.

Sadly, it’s not actually about me (unless I’m living a strange double life even I’m not aware of). It does mean that I now know even more folk called Alex Kidman, though.