Anything less than the best is a felony…

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As I predicted, I didn’t win the IT Journalism Best Technology Reviewer category last night — that award went to Dan Warne — congratulations Dan! What I genuinely didn’t expect was that I’d garner the Highly Commended Award (otherwise known as second place) gong, in a tie with PC Authority’s Nick Ross. I’m told (by […]

Of all the people in the world, why should I love you?

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A little Kate Bush, just for the clone’s sake. It’s his fault I like that album. At least there’s a Prince link. Two new CNET reviews went up today. Sometimes, I think I should run a counter of how many reviews I have published in a given year. Sometimes, I think that would be a […]

Mmm… Pizza

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Another day — a public holiday here in Australia to celebrate Anzac day — but that doesn’t stop the virtual presses. (formerly has a review of mine live today: Virtua Fighter 5: “Characters could be fighting for revenge, respect, or just the last slice of pepperoni pizza, and it wouldn’t change the game […]

I’ll be cooking in your kitchen, food for everyone…

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Hey, a Howard Jones lyric. What were the odds? Anyway… owing to massive public demand… Well, large-scale public demand… OK, you got me. Three people have hassled me for the past five days about why I haven’t updated with pictures of the new kitchen on the site. Normally, I’d just go on my merry way, […]

The listening heart opens up but won’t surrender

Published on : has another two of my reviews up: Linksys WAG325N: “The end result is eye catching, but at the same time, we can’t help but wonder if the Smurfs are now spying on us…” Gogo CM 310: “GoGoMobile” “Wake me up before you GoGo” “GoGo Gadget Arms!” You’ll have to click on both links to […]

Gonna carve your name in my leg… in my legggg…

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Who said things were getting too easy? Take, for example, the case for the new PC I’m building this evening. Or hoping to. If you hear fire engines in the background, that’s probably my fault. Anyway, the user’s manual for this particular case is a case study (hah! a free pun! Case.. case… yeah, OK, […]

Just don’t look down…

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So, what do you do when your house is full of builders, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, noise, hot glue smells and more noise? Well, yesterday, I escaped and did the Sydney Skywalk — courtesy, it should be noted of Lexmark, who tied a printer launch into it. I’m beginning to get worried about Lexmark — every […]

Your personal penguin…

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This is quite possibly the most addictive song ever written. (direct link to mp3 file, may contain members of the Monkees) Or performed. Or whatever. It will stick itself into your brain and refuse to let go. You’ll be humming it all day long, without fail, until you resort to drilling into your skull to […]

Proceedings of the Second International Workshop on Nude Mice*

Published on : has a new review of mine live today. Well, actually, it was live a couple of days ago, but having one (and as of today, maybe two) kids with chickenpox tends to distract one: LG Chocolate U830: “LG takes another Chocolate out of its box of tricks, but this particular phone isn’t entirely sweet…” […]