Snormal Ervice Will Be Resumed As Poon As Sossible

The good news? My head is healing up nicely.

(The crowd goes wild, throwing streamers and confetti in the air. Several young ladies are seen ‘cavorting’ at the front of the audience)

The bad news? These things take time. I can still make myself dizzy at will, simply by tilting my head a particular way. Sure, it’s cheaper than actually going out and getting drunk, but it’s still not a good thing.

As such, I’ll be working to a rather reduced schedule for the next couple of weeks while my brain knits itself back together. And, if I’m lucky, some sort of brain cardigan to keep itself warm during the cold winter months.

Meanwhile, the publishing world grinds ever onwards, and with it, my words of wisdom (or brain injury) reach new audiences. Some of these were published last week, while I was busy recuperating. At, a guide to iTunes U:

iTunes U: What’s on offer from Australian universities: “Most folk probably lack the self-discipline to technically qualify for a PhD in Latin…”

and a modem-router review with a minimum of Blackadder jokes:

BoB Lite: “BoB’s little brother isn’t a speed demon, but it is simple to connect up and surprisingly powerful for such a cheap router.”

At PC & Tech Authority, a quick news story to cover Microsoft’s giveaway of Kinect-enabled Xbox 360s, for just a moderate (*cough*) cost:

Tech deals: Microsoft giving away free Xbox 360 Kinect bundles to people who buy Windows 7 PC: “Microsoft’s sold a lot of Kinect sensors for the Xbox 360 since introducing the system last November, but there must be at least 5,000 spare sitting around in a warehouse somewhere…”

And at Geekspeak, a couple of columns:

Macbook Air: Is Thin Enough? “The Air comfortably fits into the category of what used to be called “ultraportables” right up until the first netbooks hit the scene and radically reinterpreted not only the size of notebook systems but most markedly their pricing.”

Intel’s New Cores Offer Impressive Performance: “Three years is usually the lifespan of a business machine for depreciation reasons, but even if you’re holding on to older gear, the concept of being able to crunch your numbers more than eight times faster has definite appeal.”

Power Tips: “Despite years of incremental advancements in battery technology, and the promise that fuel cells are “just around the corner” for longer than anybody wants to admit, most systems struggle to get through a full day without wanting to be connected to the mains.”

How to get “ahead” in business


Those not following the twitter or facebook feeds might not be aware of my current predicament. On Saturday, I took the kids to Taronga zoo, and parked in the new shiny concrete car park.

Anyway, I then proceeded to slip on a puddle of water and land neatly on my head, taking off a few layers of skin and removing most of what I laughably call my “senses” in the process.

(Oh, and to answer a really persistent question; no, I won’t be suing Taronga. Its my accident, I slipped, and in any case, suing a zoo would mean less money for… well… Zoo stuff. The hippos would go hungry, and I can’t have that on my conscience.)

The last couple of days have been interesting. And frustrating. And dizzy. And I can feel my inherited workaholism kicking in, but cant do much about it until I recover. Which is a slow process; today, for example, I sat up for a whole hour. Doesn’t sound like much, until you can’t do it. Tomorrow, with a bit of luck, I might go for the double.

So be grateful for what you’ve got; I am, given I’ve got friends and relatives in worse predicaments. I’m also grateful for the kind words that have come forth from friends, acquaintances and business colleagues. You guys rock.

Dell Inspiron, Optus Mini WiFi, Motorola Defy and More

It’s mid-January already? How did that happen?

While most folks took the Christmas/New Year’s week off in late 2010, I’ve bucked with tradition, instead taking it a little easy over the past week. “A Little Easy” in this case involves driving more than 4,000km in the last ten days (and I don’t even like driving), as well as having a bunch of articles published. I’m not sure, on reflection, if that’s “easy” at all. But it does explain why the blog’s lain a little fallow for a week or two.

First of all, at

Dell Inspiron One 2310: “Dell’s take on the all-in-one looks great, but doesn’t quite perform as well as we’d like.”

Optus Mini WiFi Modem: “Optus’ Mini WiFi has some impressively shiny hardware, but the carrier’s charging regime remains a significant roadblock to our recommendation of it.”

Then my regular technology column at Geekspeak:

Is Touch Going To Be Enough? “Touch still relies on physical contact, and one of the other reasons why I’ve yet to be really wowed by a touch-capable notebook is the physical effort involved in reaching over to the screen.”

What’s New In Consumer Technology for 2011: “The recipe’s pretty simple; a high end Sandy Bridge Intel Chip, Two NVIDA GTX 580s for graphics processing… inside a working beer keg.”

I’m also featured in the February 2011 issue of Australian PC User, where you’ll find my reviews of Motorola’s excellent little Defy smartphone, Foxtel’s Xbox on 360 service (sans patronising TV ads, as I hadn’t seen them at the time), Kogan’s 32″ Full HD LED TV with HD Tuner, LG’s Optimus One, Western Digital’s WD Livewire Homeplugs, Telstra’s Prepaid Mobile Broadband Hotspot, the sublime GoldenEye 007 for Wii and the BoomShakaLakaTastic NBA Jam for Xbox 360. And for those who wish to be pedantic, if you think BoomShakaLakaTastic doesn’t count as a word, you’re just not thinking hard enough.

2011. It’s like 2010, but turned up to eleven.

First order of business for 2011 would be the publishing of material that was, technically speaking, written in 2010. It’s like a time machine in here!

First up, at PC & Tech Authority, an article that was originally briefed as a tech for 2011 wishlist, but mutated along the way. It’s why Head Over Heels makes an appearance, though:

What technology annoys you the most? “ARE YOU LISTENING, APPLE?
(*Apple does not comment on whether it’s listening or not, naturally)”

Then at, the year kicks off with a pair of reviews:

Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home: “Seagate’s latest NAS solution offers the basics of backup and streaming, but to access its best features, you’ll have to pay an annual subscription fee.”

Combat Of Giants: Dinosaur Strike: “There are certain immutable truths to existence. Toast will always fall on expensive carpet butter side down. Nobody really knows what cats want. Little boys have a near complete fascination with dinosaurs.”