iPads! Windows 7! Netbooks! Random Llamas! Oh My!

I’ve been busy.

Really, really busy. But you might not realise that, as I’ve got a lot of work (and I really do mean a lot) backed up with multiple publishers waiting to hit the presses, both virtual and physical. Today, some of it even started to leak out.

No, wait. That sounds bad. Leaks are rarely a good sign. Instead: Today’s feast of excellent verbiage comes to you courtesy of MacTheMag and NetbookMojo.

Firstly, NetbookMojo, a new client of mine, although the article in question was written some time back.

Installing Windows 7 on a Netbook: “Want to get Windows 7 on your netbook? Alex Kidman’s guide makes it a breeze.”

Apple also launched some kind of new product today. You may have heard something about it. I wrote something more about it, by way of Jeff Minter, Wizball and a deciduous tree that yields latex used as arrow-tip poison. No, really.

MacTheBlog: iPad: First Impressions: “I woke up this morning terribly excited. Sweaty with anticipation. Delirious with the possibilities.”

I have the power!!!

OK, maybe I don’t. But the name of a thing is important — some marketing types would say it’s very important — and that’s the subject of my weekly Mac blog at MacTheBlog today:

MacTheBlog: Names Have Power: “OK, so Apple’s doing something next week. I’ve emphasised something there, because for all anyone outside of Apple’s elite inner leak circle knows, based on the invite, it could be releasing a new range of non-toxic body paints. Sure, it seems unlikely now, but ten years ago would you have picked Apple as one of the world’s biggest music sellers?”

Is it possible to come up with a snappy subject line about printers?


Nonetheless, that hasn’t stopped another printer review of mine emerging at CNET.com.au:

Canon Pixma MP990: “Canon’s Pixma MP990 should appeal to photo types wanting good quality, but they’ll need a little patience to go along with it.”

PVRs, PC User and Perspiration…

My, but it’s hot. And humid. And ‘hunpleasant. Today is clearly alliteration day. On with the show!

CNET.com.au has a PVR review of mine up:

LG MS409D HD DVR: LG’s take on a dual-tuner DVR works well and has some unique features, but it’s expensive.”

Meanwhile, in the print world, the February issue of PC User is out in stores. Inside you’ll find my reviews of the NETGEAR WNDR3700 router, a roundup of notepad replacement applications and a whole bunch of gadget and games reviews. More specifically, on the gadget side I test TomTom’s XXL 540 GPS, Logitech’s Harmony 700 remote control, Sony’s Playstation 3 Play TV PVR, Philips’ AE5230 Digital Radio, Sony Ericsson’s Aino Phone, Withings’ WiFi Scale and Laser’s DVBT-MP32 Portable TV. On the games side, Ratchet & Clank A Crack In Time, Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games, NBA 2K10, New Super Mario Bros Wii and Lego Rock Band were all rocked out to. Especially Lego Rock Band…

Jabra, Nexus One and… like a Tiger(s)…

Now there’s a dated Rob Sitch reference.

Another day brings with it fresh articles. First up, at MacTheBlog, I’ve looked at Google’s Nexus One phone. Not in the flesh, you understand — I’m in the wrong country for that, for a start — but in a Mac/iPhone context:

MacTheBlog: A Nexus Point: “Naturally enough, if you’re really keen, you could try to buy one over eBay and hope against hope that you don’t end up being sent a brick wrapped in somebody else’s laughter…”

Meanwhile at CNET.com.au I’ve looked at a rather stylish Bluetooth Desk Set:

Jabra Go 6470: “It’s not cheap, but Jabra’s wireless Bluetooth desk set brings style and comfort to an otherwise business-centric product line.”

And a PC with a somewhat bizarre name, featuring weird plurals and allusions to stomach disorders:

Tigers Electronics Giada N10: “This is perhaps the most ocker computer ever built…”

It’s that fruit company again…

Another day, another batch of Apples. Yeah, I write about Apple a lot, although I strongly resist the whole “fanboy” tag.

Firstly, at MacTheBlog, I exclusively reveal all of Apple’s plans for the upcoming year. Sort of.

MacTheBlog: 2010: The Year Apple Makes Contact? “Working out exactly what Apple’s actually up to at any given moment is a tricky business…”

And then at CNET.com.au, I hop back into University. It’s been a long, long time since I was at University, although strangely some people I knew who were studying while I was there are still studying there (albeit, in most cases, not the same degrees).

Universities Online: How to pick the uni that’s right for you via iTunes: “OK, you’ve got your ATAR/ENTER/TER. How do you pick the best uni? The one with the best bar? The cutest girls/guys? The one that just happens to be closest to home?”

Young ladies bouncing up and down on beds in their night attire

There. That’ll bring in the website traffic, surely?

Or get me on the government’s filter watch list. Perhaps I should have thought about that subject line a little harder.

It’s in context though, as 2010 kicks off with a review that counts as my last published work of 2009, at CNET.com.au*:

Charm Girls Club: Pajama Party: “Want a very girly collection of mini-games for the Wii? Charm Girls Club Pyjama Party delivers that, but it’s not exactly dripping with innovation otherwise.”

*Which means that the total online review count for 2009 is actually 183. Yikes.