Do you enjoy what you do? If not, just stop…

(people of a certain age, and I’m sure my brother, will appreciate that lyric. Some days, iTunes serves up some odd tunes is all I can say).

For those who want personal updates: I have more spinal movement today! Huzzah! Sure, I still walk like a zombie and groan like a ninety year old when I do move, but progress is being made.

For those who want professional updates: published my latest review today:

D-Link DSM-210 10-inch Wireless Internet Photo Frame: “We had no idea Australia only had 10 cities in it, or for that matter that Brisbane was two of them.”

For those who just want something silly: I’m stunned somebody else (with thanks to the lovely Georgina) had to point this one out to me:

Actual stars might be cheaper

A contemplation on whether things that are “free” are actually free in any meaningful sense. Somewhat long and a bit rambling, so I’ll hide it behind a break to save page space for those who don’t want to read it.

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Well, that holiday didn’t go off as planned.

While I was busy getting infected, ripped off, stressed and tired — if the mood hits me, I’ll do a more comprehensive writeup later — was going into hyperdrive publishing articles of mine. Take your pick from the following:

Which broadband plan is right for me? “If you’re switching to broadband for the first time or contemplating changing your Internet Service Provider (ISP), the range of plans on offer can be quite staggering.”

NetComm 3G18Wn 3G USB 11n Wi-Fi Router: “The 3G18Wn provides good 802.11n performance, 3G USB modem compatibility and a great fall-back position for those using both wireless and wired internet connections.”

HP ProBook 4710s: “HP’s ProBook is all business, from its solid performance to its rather solid and stodgy style.”

NetComm NP201AV HomePlug: “NetComm’s redesigned its home plugs to make them somewhat easier to fit onto a plug socket — and significantly faster as well.”

Estuans interius, ira vehementi…. Sephiroth!

OK, that’s probably the oddest subject line that my self-enforced policy of only using the music I’m listening to at the time has led me to. And yes, I did have to look up the lyrics to make sure they were correct.

Keeping on the subject of oddities: When I was much, much younger, I made the mistake of losing my library card somewhere. It was found and a very nice gentleman posted it back to me with an accompanying letter. Which was all well and good, except that he then tried (within the attached letter) to chat me up. Which was disturbing on two counts:

  • I’m not female, although he presumed I was
  • I was about ten years old at the time.

There’s only been brief periods where I’ve had to so forcefully assert my masculinity thereafter, but it’s a theme that plays strongly in today’s published work, which is at and concerns, of all things, watches:

Sony Ericsson MBW-200 Bluetooth watch: “There’s no doubting that the MBW-200 is designed as a ladies’ watch, and the technical reviewer for this watch wasn’t, in any appreciable sense of the word, a lady. No, not even in the Little Britain sense…”

Somebody get me out of here… I’m tearing at myself

Ah, such a happy lyric. Not entirely indicative of my mood at the moment, which is all busy, busy, busy and busy.

It wouldn’t be a blog update without me droning on endlessly about my latest piece of work, which today comes courtesy of the fine folk at

Macbook Pro 13″ : “If you’ve been holding off on upgrading an older Macbook, this is an excellent upgrade choice. If last year’s slightly underwhelming Unibody models didn’t impress you, these will. First time Mac buyers will find a lot of value here too.”

Those who aren’t here for the endless self pitching.. hmm.. what can I offer you?

Ah. Yes. The Australian Cavy Sanctuary. Full of more adorable Guinea Pig action than your widdle hearts can bear. Guinea Pigs are almost as cute as Hippos.. but nowhere near as dangerous.

I’m not even angry. I’m being so sincere right now.

But I am a bit worn out from dealing with twenty-odd couriers today. And some of them were very odd/irritated/irritable/pungent. Some of them even managed to tick multiple boxes there.

Such is the life of a busy working journalist, and I guess I should at least be grateful that I am working right now.

For a start, online, where I penned some unusual internet filtering news/analysis for today:

China delays Net filtering; Australia sticks to its guns: “As China backs off from controversial PC filtering plans, Australia is looking to expand its censorship net, with plans to ban computer games too.”

Then into the print realm we travel….t3_July_mag_cover

That’s not me on the cover of Australian T3 Magazine, just in case you didn’t know what I looked like. For a start, I can afford an actual pair of pants. But I can at least appear in the “contributor” column. I guess I’ll just have to work my way up to the esteemed position of cover model — if it’s got any esteem to begin with, that is.

To be slightly more specific, I’ve contributed to the roundup of GPS systems reviewed in the July issue. Go forth to your agency of news and pick up a copy today!

And while you’re there, be sure to pick up the July issue of PC Authority Magazine, where I’ve contributed a review of the Vin Diesel-tastic Wheelman. Who said I don’t hob-nob with the Hollywood A-List? Oh yeah, that’s right. I did.