And just as I suspected…

It’s been a very odd day inside my head today, largely due to my ongoing insomnia battles. At these times, my head thinks the weirdest thoughts, such as the one that just passed through my cranium:

“Hey! I wonder if is available as a domain?”

Doing a quick lazy search via NetRegistry (no particular reason I chose them; I guess they were in my head at some point, but this isn’t an ad-sponsored blog… yet), revealed that yes, it is.Or was when I wrote this, anyway.

In the tradition of registrars everywhere, they’ve also tried to entice me with what their automated system feels are the natural choices for complimentary domains I may also wish to register. Except that they’re not exactly “complimentary”, or for that matter, pleasant. And heck, I’m starting from the phrase “Toothless Crones” to begin with!

Amongst the suggestions?

And my personal weird favourite:

I mean, I do understand why they’re available — because nobody in their right mind would want them, and I’m probably not in my right mind even looking them up — but what kind of logical process moves from to

Oh. I see. It’s not switch. It’s witch. Crone. Witch. Gotcha.

Like I said, it’s been somewhat slow and weird in my head today. Back to what you were doing, now.

Australia — land of danger

Saturday’s meant to be a day off, right?

Well, it was.. of sorts. We took the junior Kidmans (and in the in-laws-who-will-hurt-me-badly-if-I-call-them-grandma-or-grandpa) to a local reptile park. And I happened to take a camcorder I’m testing along with me. That doesn’t count as work, does it?

Anyway, as I was wandering around the reptile park, I was struck by the number of Australian animals that foreigners don’t actually know about. And then I was struck by the sight of a very aggressive goose with a dodgy leg attacking anything that came near it. Emus. Kangaroos. Anything. Unfortunately, it was too quick for me to grab good video frames of, but it did inspire this video…

Those were our young years, our wings were drying in the sun

No fair. I never got a pair of wings, wet or otherwise when I was young.

And now, for a quick news story at PC Authority:

Aussie iPhone Traffic App launched: “Avoiding traffic snarls should now be easier for iPhone users, with a downloadable app providing traffic alerts straight to your iPhone screen…”

Now isn’t it a shame that sometimes money buys you everything and nothing…

A couple of reviews and a small feature for today’s efforts to lower the mortgage. First at PC Authority:

How to get legal movies online quota free: “How can you get movies as cheaply as possible? We compare TiVo, BigPond Movies, and iTunes Movies.”

And then two reviews at

Dell Inspiron Mini 1210: “Tastes and needs will vary, but we’re still not sold on the “bigger” form factor for netbooks…”

Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds: “If you asked any PC user to describe Lenovo’s ThinkPad line, the chances are that phrases like “solid”, “boxy” and “heavy” would come to the fore pretty quickly. It’s a very apt description for the W700ds, the biggest and boxiest of them all…”

I’ve paid my dues, time after time…

But I’ve still never managed to make it up onto stage to sing “We Are The Champions” for the annual Sun Microsystems IT Journalism Awards, although as my bio will attest, I’ve had plenty of nominations make it, and more than a couple of “highly commended” certificates along the way. I strongly suspect that’ll be the case this year as well — I’ve made the final five in the “Best Reviewer” category — but I can always dream, can’t I?

Perhaps it’s the threat of singing that’s holding me back. In any case, if you remember, send good vibes and thoughts my way on the evening of April 9th. Special mention must go to my brother, who managed to nab an astonishing four nominations. Go Gus!

Ahem. I’d better get back to work, hadn’t I? First up, a review (what else?) at

ASUS Eee PC S101H: “Where it attempts to differentiate itself is by not looking as though it’s been made out of old cereal packets painted black, as so many do…”

And then a quick news piece at PC Authority:

Vodafone 3G network goes national: “One of the biggest sticks that Telstra’s had to beat its competition with has been the unrivaled nature of its 3G coverage map.”

Butterscotch clouds, a tangerine and a side order of ham…

Weird lyric, I know, but one of my favourite tracks. And I’m in a weird mood, which might be down to too much Resident Evil 5. Or the insomnia. Probably the latter, and before you ask, it’s not being caused by the former.

Although with the insomnia, I have very red and bloodshot eyes right now, so I do look somewhat like a Resident Evil 5 extra. Fewer tentacles, generally speaking.

While I work through my zombie status with a liberal lathering of caffienated beverages, keep yourself busy with yet another bit of printed Kidmanalia, this time at

Dell G2210 LCD Monitor: “It’s not a glossy panel, which means on the minus side it looks less snazzy when people just stare at it, but on the plus side means you don’t go blind actually working with it.”

This is my BOOMSTICK!

Because some things are too cute not to share. Or, alternatively, if you prefer, because I know some very, very strange people…

When Miss Six was only Miss One (It’s sheer hell changing her name by deed poll every year, let me tell you), a good friend of mine commented that she was very pretty (clearly, she didn’t get that from me) and that when she was a teenager, I was going to have to invest in a shotgun to keep the boys from her door.

It’s a comment that stuck with me. Yesterday, a boy in Miss Six’s class gave her, quite sweetly, a little keychain loop as “jewelry”. Well, that’s what a six year old boy thinks of as jewelry, anyway. I think it’s fair to say that he’s got a very junior crush on Miss Six,which is actually exceptionally cute. Still, this brought my mind back to the shotgun comment from many years ago.

With an almost entirely comedic tone, I updated my Twitter feed with the following comment:

Miss Six just got given some jewelry by a boy in her class. Should I pre-emptively invest in a shotgun now?”

And these were the responses I got. Names have been omitted, because they’re not that important in this context. The guilty parties know who they are.:

“if there’s one thing I’ve learned from violent video games, it’s that this bad boy ought to do the trick

“Yes. A big shotgun.”

“Practice answering the door naked. According to the TV that is guaranteed to scare away prospective bikie boyfriends.”

“Too obvious…be more discreet.”


“That’s why I’m glad I had boys first, they can do the initial ‘vetting’ for me!”

“Strongly suggest yes. Before @stephenconroy blocks them”

“Just become best mates with Master Six (I assume) That is guaranteed to make Miss Six disinterested in the new beau 🙂 That way, she moves out and u have a new drinking buddy!”

“Depends. What are his future prospects?”

“Aww. Protective dads are sweet. Unless they’re my dad, in which case it’s annoying. :D”

The responses I got were.. well, interesting is one way to put it. Given my almost entire hatred of actual, real weaponry, I find it somewhat disturbing that the overall response was pretty much “yes, do it quickly”. I’m not sure what that says about a)What I should do and b) The kind of people I converse with online on a regular daily basis.

I want to keep you for the rest of my life…

A quick news story, and then something pinched holus bolus from Facebook, courtesy of the always incredible MJCP.

First up, the news, this time at

ABC launches Android and iPhone applications: “Access your ABC on a tiny screen, especially Android and iPhone — but no Radio or Video at first.”

And then the pinched-from-facebook bit, which I found strangely charming, after the split

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Birds do fly, looks like rain

What a masterful lyric that is.

Time to get the week off to a flying start, with not one… not two.. not five… but three reviews, all live today at

MSI PX600 Prestige Collection Notebook: “It’s less Gucci handbag style, and more leather elbow patches on your university lecturer style, if you follow us.”

Altech SysArielAtom-DP04: “You could build the DP04 yourself, or at least something that looks exactly like it.”

Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard: “Razer sells the Arctosa on having “slim keycap structure with Hyperesponse™ Technology”. What does that mean? “