They’re back, and they’re looking for a snack…

And a final news piece to finish out the day, for PC Authority:

LG’s new “Edge” look for HD TVs: “Bezel free TVs like a “sheet of glass” are the new black in home HD. We’re not sure it trumps Bravia-styling, but you be the judge…”

So he packed up his accordion and had to move to a city in Ohio where he lived in a tree…

Insert Godzilla Screech hereIt seems I just can’t stop writing. I wonder if there’s a complex psychological term that explains it all?

In any case, the May 2008 issue of Australian Macworld just landed in my mailbox, which is usually a very good sign that it’s on sale in Newsagency-type venues across the land. This months’ column is on the whole “Mac Elitist” argument that’s been something of a feature of my writing over the past couple of weeks — the PC vs Apple piece for PCA/CRN being a particular highlight. More than that, though, the May issue has Godzilla on the cover. Well, his foot anyway. You can’t NOT buy something with Godzilla’s foot on the cover. That’d be just plain wrong. Although now that I look at it, it could always be Mozilla, which wouldn’t make much sense, given that he’s emerging from an iPhone. And it looks like he needs a serious manicure, otherwise he’s going to get snagged on a passing taxicab long before he can indulge in any quality city destroying type activity. Like I said, I just can’t stop writing, or thinking too much about magazine covers for that matter…

Baby I don’t mind, but please don’t wear those shoes…

Strange the things that pop up. A while back, I wrote a short piece on the Westboro Baptists which was in part based around Louis Theroux’s documentary on them, “The Most Hated Family In America“.

It turns out that Channel Seven’s got the local rights to this, and predictably, for a commercial channel, they’re burying it in the middle of the night — in Sydney at least, it’s on next Monday at 10:40pm.

Because, you know, there are probably perfectly good episodes of “Gladiators” or some other trash that just can’t wait earlier in the evening, or something.

Anyway, “The Most Hated Family In America” is well worth watching or (ahem) “time shifting” for later watching if the subject matter interests you. Just don’t tell the Westboro Baptists I sent you, otherwise they might issue an edict against me. Given their lack of imagination (or insight, compassion, or even basic Christian understanding), probably entititled “God hates Alex Kidman“.

Although frankly, that’s an argument I could take to them with some gusto, because he doesn’t. Bring it on!

Sometimes I tell myself “This is not my beautiful stapler!”

Ah, the joys of re-publishing. CRN’s just put up my PC vs Apple price comparison, and based on the comments it’s engendered from their readership, the resellers are an irritable bunch.

I do like the assertion in the comments that “whoever wrote this is no journalist.” Cool. I always wanted to be a brain surgeon and world famous underwear model, really. Now, if you could just pass the the body oil and chainsaw…

Your pet may be an extra-terrestrial

The Apple stories keep rolling in, although this one is a little different. See if you can spot how…

Shredded: Apple’s 3G iPhone Plans:Anyway, I read this alarming statistic on a scrap of paper while I was busy rooting around the bins at the back of Apple’s headquarters the other day. It wasn’t the most interesting thing that I found amidst the pizza boxes, half-eaten rats and the wrapping for something called a “Zune”, however…”

Hold me like the River Jordan…

Then again, Mr Jackson has a line in wacky lyrics too. Or possibly stupid. I mean, it’s 250-odd kilometres of river, weighing in the billions of tonnes. It’s also rather wet and slippery. Quite how am I meant to hold onto it at all?

In any case, that once again has nothing to do with another one of my published works, this time live at

Sony Handycam HDR-SR10: “No doubt, Sony’s marketing department would, at this point, be using the phrase “consumer choice” somewhere…”

You had another lover, and she looked just like you…

Ah, but Prince writes the strangest songs. Who else in the late 70’s was filling out an album noted for syrupy ballads with an angry, almost heavy-metal style song about being betrayed by his bisexual girlfriend?

Yeah. Not many.

All of that has absolutely nothing to do with an article of mine that revisits territory that’s almost as old as that song, live today at PC Authority:

PC vs Apple: The Value Battle: “Are Apple computers worse value than Windows PCs? Alex Kidman does the sums, and finds the truth about which platform is the better deal.”

Enjoy what you do…

As Mr Michael sang in the early 80’s. Although in his case, it might be argued that he enjoyed rather too much over the years. Leaving that aside, I’ve been told I’m an opinionated type who enjoys spreading his interpretation of how the universe works a little too much, and that’s probably fair comment, all things considered. Speaking of fair comment, another Mac Blog of mine has gone live at PC Authority:

To Hackintosh, or not to Hackintosh? “Alex Kidman ponders the murky waters surrounding efforts to run OS X on PC hardware. A good idea, or will combining the two worlds ruin the beauty of the Mac experience?”