Sunshine on a rainy day…

One of the great things about running one’s own site is the fun you can have looking at server logs — especially for search terms. Right now, the fifth most popular search term for the site is “belligerent toddlers”.

Perhaps you have to be me to find that amusing. Maybe I need more sleep.

And it was dark, as dark as night

(just for my dear sweet old mother’s sake)

There’s nothing that refreshes the creative urge quite as much as stopping work, going and finding some painkillers and then having a bloody good float in a pool. Even if it is raining right now. I thought Queensland was meant to have nice weather?

Who gonna stop 200 balloons?

I’m somewhat out of my environment at the moment — but that would have something to do with being in Queensland at a convention, rather than at home changing nappies and breaking technology — sometimes at the same time.

There may have been drinking. There may have been the inadvertent winning of prizes. There may even be incriminating photos. That’s when you really appreciate being behind the camera — you’ve got all the blackmail material, but you’re in none of the photos. What I don’t appreciate right now is a killer sinus headache that’s splitting me in two; people keep assuming I’ve got a hangover, but it’s just blocked tubes. Yuch.

Naturally, none of this has stopped more reviews from popping up.

Panasonic SC-PM71 SD Micro System: Look! It’s a Micro HiFi System! It’s a portable MP3 player! It’s not up in the sky, and it’s not without its minor quibbles, but if you need a micro system and an MP3 player with only moderate storage capabilities, it’s a good option to pursue.

(I haven’t used that Superman line in a review for a good long while. Heck, I even quote semi-obscure Blues Brothers numbers in this review — truly, it’s got a little bit of something for everybody)

Won’t you cast your precious emptiness on him?

Hey, look — an online journal! That hasn’t been touched for a while!

Not that original an idea, really.

My excuse this week is a combination of noisy builders, sick children and the age-old fallback position of “not getting enough sleep”. Still, that hasn’t stopped another couple of reviews squeaking out. has these:

ComPro VideoMate U3 DVB-T Stick: “When we first pulled the Compro VideoMate U3 DVB-T Stick out of its packaging, the first thought that struck us was that it was an extremely fossilised Kit Kat that somebody had painted black…”

Linksys CIT200 Skype Phone: Linksys’ CIT200 Skype Phone does a good job of bringing the Skype experience to the cordless handset world.

In the night, dream delights…

Sometimes it feels like I never stop writing. The practical upside of this is that “they” never seem to stop publishing me. I’m still not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, though.

Case in point: The next issue of Netguide Magazine hits shelves on Wednesday. My contributions include a feature on adding technology to your family car (and what happens when you drive said technology halfway around Australia), reviews of Notebooks under $1,500, possibly the fabled Retro games feature (I can’t check — it’s not out until Wednesday), as well as standalone reviews of (deep breath): Free Internet TV 4.61, System Surveillance Pro 3.7, Linksys WRT54GC Compact Wireless Router, RecoverMyFiles 3.80, Microsoft Digital Image 2006 Suite Edition, Netguide Magazine. More fun than a leaky bucket full of drunk shrimp.Coolect 1.10, Nokia N70, Netcomm NP285 Turbo HomePlug, Legend Digital LPVR160 Personal Video Recorder, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Rollercoaster Tycoon: Wild!, Prince Of Persia: The Two Thrones and Shadow The Hedgehog.

Go out. Purchase copies, give them to your co-workers. And before any PR types hassle me, I don’t hand out the free issues myself — you’ll need to check with the editor. Or go out and buy some yourselves. There’s a great idea.

On the web front, has a single new review of mine up:

Plantronics Pulsar 590A: When you hit the words “Bluetooth Headset”, you generally tend to think of small hearing-aid style devices as worn by fearfully fashionable city types who’ll probably walk in front of a bus one day while they’re broadcasting mobile call details to all and sundry…

Must be something in the water…

My three and a half year old daughter just told me this story. I swear we’re not putting any drugs in her breakfast. Honest!

“Once upon a time there was a water mountain. And there was a family of frogs. And the frogs got in their car, and drove all over the city. They were going on a holiday. And they went to a special park called Poppo Dodo. There were dogs and rabbits there, and they had so much fun. But there was no room for the frogs. So they went next door. There wasn’t anybody there. But the frogs were sad, because they were so far away from the park (?). So the frogs hopped and hopped, higher and higher, until they jumped over to the park, and they weren’t lonely any more.

The frogpoles are their friends. They live in their new home, and there was no charge. And then some children came to their place. And they were having so much fun. And they all had an afternoon fun in their big big BIG house. And the rattles at their own place just rattled themselves all over the place. And then the shaker family had an idea. They jumped out of their own train. They jumped over and over, and they had such good fun. They had a big house, such a big house, in the city. And the rabbits and the puppy dogs and the people and the frogs and people who are adults and the children were bang bang banged by a very big dinosaur. It was making stomp stomp on their houses. The big rattle family said “You can’t stomp on our house because it is strong and powerful. It has strong water lillies and strong blocks.” The dinosaur was so big he just stomped away — he was going to go to his friend’s place. And it was so nice.”

It feeds, it grows, it clouds all that you will know…

A few new entries for today, plus a bit of gratuitous back-patting. Don’t say you weren’t warned…

Some of my Netguide work has made it online — which is interesting, at least because most of the reviews-based stuff I do for Netguide is for print only. This, however, is a guide to not getting ripped off online — the same one that I did the ABC Radio interview on, as it happens. continues to publish my stuff at a rapid pace. Gather round, young chilluns, and learn from the master…

Sagem MyC2-3: The MyC2-3 is a budget buyer’s phone, and as long as you only want a very simple and plain looking handset for call and text purposes, it’s a fine choice for the money.

Netcomm NP285 Turbo HomePlug Ethernet: Netcomm’s Turbo HomePlug adds the speed element that was so sorely lacking in the original HomePlug, making it a truly viable alternative to wireless networking, and a good complimentary solution to wired networking solutions.

While I was trawling around CNET, I discovered two interesting things. First, there’s this little number. I’d forgotten I’d even written this, although like most of my reviews, I stand 100% behind it. Bonus points if you can name my mystery assistant. Secondly, they’re currently running a feature on the top ten phones of the month, as is their wont. And guess who wrote all three of the top three phone reviews?

<insert smug self-satisfied glow here>

Butterscotch Clouds & A Tangerine… has published a couple more reviews (and there’s more waiting in the wings, folks!)

Philips WACS700 Wireless Music Centre: Philips’ WACS700 Wireless Music Centre meets one of the core criteria for home audio equipment — it looks good…

Linksys WRT54GC Compact Wireless-G Router: If you’re going to give a product a prefix of “Compact”, you want it to be one of two things. Either it’s got to contain makeup, or it’s got to be small…

And to add to this, the March issue of PC User is out as well — or at least, my copy turned up today, which is usually the same thing. And this month, I’m finally listed as a contributor! Yes! GOOOOOOOOAAAAL!!!!.

Ahem. Anyway, go out and buy lots of copies, won’t you?